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The WBMS Orchestra Music Theory Website

Welcome to the WBMS Orchestra Music Theory Website! In this site you can explore the world of music theory including the following: clefs,. scales, intervals, key signatures.

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imageTreble Clef

Treble Clef

C-clef could be used for alto or tenor clef!

Alto Clef or Tenor Clef

Bass clef

Bass Clef

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Cool bass player

Today, you should look at this site and discover one aspect of music reading or intervals that is new to you. Also, for fun, try to guess the name of the country artist pictured below!!!

Which of the above clefs do you read with your instrument? Which instruments read the other clefs? Does your instrument read more than one clef?

Famous country artist: Has over 50 #1 country hits!

Can you name this famous country artist? Hint: He has more #1 country hits than anyone else. E-mail your answer to Dr. Barket using the link below.